Dialogues at the Living Edge

with Alexander

Welcome to Dialogues at the Living Edge! Dialogues at the Living Edge brings you to the edge of human potential and discovery. If you want to play a role in making this world a better place, you have found the right place. You will be challenged to think and live in new ways. You will be invited to take deep dives into the deepest corners of what it means to be human. The current meta-crisis is rooted in separation. To make lasting, meaningful impact, we need to find practical, actionable ways of finding wholeness. This podcast will offer you dialogues to invoke your deepest capacities and a return to wholeness. Coaches, therapists, and others in the helping professions, such as Chinese medicine, and anyone wishing to make a positive impact in the world will find explorations here to support your continued development. Your host, Alexander Love is an internationally renowned Life Coach, acupuncturist and TEDx speaker. He has been practicing coaching and alternative medicine for almost two decades and brings a wealth of embodied understanding to the field of transformation and human discovery. Want more learning? For exclusive content you can join our online learning platform for free at www.eoslearningcollective.com. Join our podcast platform there or other free courses and you will get access to more awesome content to support your learning and healing.