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Alexander offers a 30 minute one-on-one conversation to those who are serious about their healing & personal transformation. This conversation is a time to share what you are currently wanting support with and to ask him any questions you may have about his coaching and/or acupuncture practice. This conversation is a time for both you and Alexander to get clear if working together in a one-on-one setting is the best fit for you and your journey.

If you have been considering coaching or acupuncture, set up a free 30 minute conversation today!

When you do, you will receive a bonus gift of two meditations that explore transformative wellness & courage.

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Alexander Love
Alexander Love

Alexander Love is a the founder of the eōs learning collective, renowned inspirational speaker, acupuncturist & coach. With gentleness, lightness and depth, he invites us to listen to the voice of our inner wisdom & potency and allow that to move us outward into the world to make a difference. He is the developer of Evolutionary Craniosacral Therapy & Developmental Acupuncture; modalities that integrate ancient wisdom with modern scientific discoveries, held within an Integral context. Alexander has been helping people transform their lives for two decades and currently works in Boulder, Colorado. He serves people locally at his wellness clinic and internationally through online courses and remote coaching.

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