Learn new skills & practices that will make you a better coach, practitioner & human being

Who Are We?

Welcome to the eōs learning collective™. This is your go to learning center to transform your life & world through online education & discovery. We believe that personal evolution can be a catalyst for social transformation. Our vision is a world filled with human beings who have used their personal development to co-create something truly creative & powerful in culture. With this in mind we have created an online learning environment that supports you to both deeply transform who you are and give you skills to effectively take that into the world to make a meaningful difference. You will find here at eōs that the learning process is engaging, dynamic and fun, while at the same time providing you with important skills and key distinctions to awaken, evolve who you are in order to better serve your community.

Join your peers & colleagues in an engaged learning community!

Dynamic Community

Join in online community discussions related to courses with people who want to deeply explore human potential for the sake of personal transformation & social change.

Quality Online Education

Choose from many free and paid courses that offer you new distinctions, skills, and avenues for transformation. PDA points are available for NCCAOM recertification.

Transformation & Awakening

Discover skills, practices and distinctions that draw upon the wisdom of the east & west, to support you to realize your potential & awaken to spiritual depth.

Who is the eōs learning collective for?

Are you someone who is passionate about deep exploration into human transformation? Do you want precise distinctions and tools to widen access to spiritual depth? Do you have emotional or pain to heal or feel lost? If so, eōs will offer you the skills to support healing and awakening to better yourself and those around you.
Are you a Coach or Therapist who wants to deepen your therapeutic skills and discover the living edge of practitioner mastery while engaging with like-minded peers? If so, this is the place to be!
Acupuncturists, acupuncture students, and other practitioners within the healing arts field, this is your hub for continuing education. You will discover a very transformative, embodied approach to the various medical arts. Your mind, heart and soul, will be engaged in such a way that you can take your skills to the next level and remain at the learning edge of your field of medicine.

The eōs learning collective creates a space for like-minded human beings to:

Learn subtle skills that enable transformation in yourself & others.
Engage with like minded people for a powerful, collective learning process.
Explore deep dimensions of human possibility.
Cultivate an embodied approach to learning to have greater impact.
Awaken your heart to become an effective force for social change.

Meet the Founder

Alexander Love, M.Ac., PCC, NCC, is a renowned teacher, acupuncturist & coach. With gentleness, lightness and depth, he invites us to contact our spiritual depth & potency for the sake of making positive impact in the world. Alexander is committed to you deeply embodying what he teaches so that they become your own. He believes learning must include the transmission of depth, which is why Alexander has revolutionized online learning, with the goal of giving practitioners, coaches and anyone passionate about transformation, greater skills and access to their own inner awakening.

Check out Alexander's TEDx talk on the transformative power of embracing pain.

What does eōs mean?

In our modern world, learning has often been reduced to the collection of information. While getting more information can be positive, if that is all there is, the learning process can become unsatisfying; especially for those who seek spiritual depth, practitioner mastery, and want to be a positive force for social change. Deeply satisfying learning requires that the information being received guides us to discover the richness of what is being taught within our own being. This way the material comes to life as a powerful transmission through our hearts. This invites us to not just become smarter people, but also to become wiser, deeply satiated human beings who can initiate powerful change in the world.

In Greek mythology, eōs (pronounced ee-ohws) was the goddess of the dawn and had the charge to open the gates of heaven for the sun to rise and shine upon the world. This archetypal quality represents the kind of facilitation that ignites a great light of discovery within in the hearts of the people we serve. From this perspective, we don't make others change nor do we fill them with more and more data. Rather, through cultivated gentleness, we use precise, subtle skills of facilitation and offer practices for deeply embodied learning. This supports you to discover your own inner wisdom and offers you a learning environment to develop both personally and professionally.